Social Media


– Facebook, Twitter, +1 and other Social Portals

Its the latest buzz word with Internet Marketing along with going viral.

What does it mean you ask?

Simply put it means using the many feeding portals being used today to get your message, product or service to many people quickly. It is a route than be used over and over once setup so is very cost effective.

What can I do with this avenue of communication?

Its more like what cant you do.
You can take advantage of this from Social Portal Sites such as with Facebook, you can also feed and share information by using any of the many blogging platforms like WordPress with Social Media Platforms so it feeds (duplicates) your website entries onto your Facebook Site which in turn goes shows up on all ‘friends’ walls.
The same applies in reverse.
You can have entries that are created in Facebook feed back to your website.

This allows multiple avenues of information and it was only entered once from its source.

Most Social Networks have a developers section which includes API (Application Programming Interface) which in english is a tool that can be interated with other tools to interacte with each other.

The combinations are almost unlimited.

We create Facebook Profiles with unique design than that of the standard Facebook feel.
It stands out from the rest but still has the many Social Media opportunities Facebook provides.

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